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1) It has been well understood that the research activity of supra-molecular machinery is very useful. Four methods shown as below are so important for resolving the basic mechanism of supra-molecular machinery. However, at present, it is difficult to use these methods for general researcher. Thus, the sections of technology support and development in theses three methods are established so as to help our research activity.
(i) Cryo-electron tomography (Nagoya University and Osaka University)

(ii) Rapid freezing replica electron microscopy (Osaka City University)

(iii) High-speed atomic force microscope (High-Speed AFM) (Kanazawa University)
(iv) Optical Microscope (Gakushuin University)
2) The below technology is available in the Osaka City University and is free charge for all members in our grant.
(v) Mass spectrometry
3) To easily well-understand the structure of supra- molecular machinery, we established an section of technology support for the molecular model in the Japan Advanced Institute of Science And Technology.
(vi) Three-dimensional model by using 3D printing technology

Please contact Kawakami in Yamagata University, if you take great interests.

(I) Cryo-electron tomography

Cryo-electron tomography

It is a type of electron cryomicroscopy where tomography is used to obtain a 3D construction of a sample. The sample is preserved in a frozen-hydrated state by rapid freezing. The detail images of supra-molecular complex are obtained to analyze its structure.
Here, we show an example of Miyata representative to explain the basic principles.
By the back projection technology, you can get an image of the professor Miyata.
Although it is not possible to get dynamic characters of cellular organelle or supra-molecular complex, this method is the only way to get the images in their native and physiological environment. In our project, Cryo-electron tomography will be supported for a further understanding of supra-machineries basic mechanism.
If you are interested in this technology, please contact with Takayuki Kato.

(II) Rapid freezing replica electron microscopy

Rapid freezing electron microscopy replica

If you are interested in this technology, please contact with Makoto Miyata.

(III) High-speed atomic force microscope (High-Speed AFM)

Ando Toshio, a professor at Department of Physics & Bio-AFM Frontier Researcher Center in Kanazawa University, has developed much higher speed of Atomic Force Microcopy (AFM), so called HS-AFM. With the development of this technology, obtaining both structure and dynamics at a nanometer scale becomes possible. Recently, some intricate and ingenious dynamic proteins have been well understood by the visualization or analysis of functional mechanisms due to this technology. Thus, the members in our projects are welcome to the department of technology support and development to apply this technology in your research for a further understanding the functional mechanism of supra-machinery complex.
You are encouraged to contact with Furutera or Taoka.

高速AFM装置の概念図 高速AFM装置の機械部を撮影した写真
Concept of High-Speed AFM Picture of High-Speed AFM

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